• ATV Trailers

    How to Find the Best ATV Trailers in Melbourne

    With ATVs booming in popularity all throughout Australia (but specifically here in Melbourne), the need for ATV trailers has continued to grow right alongside that industry. More and more people are looking to take their ATVs to new locations - but need a specific trailer that will allow them...  read more

  • box trailer for sale

    How to Find the Best Box Trailer for Sale

    Finding the right box trailer for sale maybe a little bit more difficult than you had initially assumed, but it doesn't have to be a stressful situation if you follow the tips and tricks below. Because the demand for these pieces of equipment are so high (box trailers are easily the most...  read more

  • cage trailers

    How to Find the Best Cage Trailers

    If you're interested in purchasing a light or general duty trailer - one of the better cage trailers available on the market today - you'll find that the overwhelming majority of dealers and people selling trailers simply don't have what you're looking for. The general marketplace is for...  read more

  • car trailers

    How to Find the Best Car Trailers

    There are two main things you want to investigate when purchasing car trailers - their quality and their reliability. With so many different options available on the market today (both in the new and used marketplace), you're going to need to make sure that you are investing in the right...  read more

  • flat top trailer

    How to Find the Best Flat Top Trailer

    Before you run out and buy a brand-new flat top trailer, you're going to want to make sure that you have read this quick and easy to use guide. Not only are we going to demonstrate exactly what you should be looking for in any of the flattop trailer options, but were also going to break down a...  read more

  • motorbike trailer

    How to Find the Best Motorbike Trailer

    If you - like so many other motorbike owners - have been looking forward to taking more "far ranging" trips with your motorbike (but are not exactly thrilled at the prospect of driving on top of your motorcycle the entire way), you've probably investigated the different options in the...  read more

  • stock crate trailers

    How to Choose the Best Stock Crate Trailers

    When looking to invest in as critical a piece of equipment as stock crate trailers, it's well worth investigating all of your options to be sure that you are purchasing the very best of the bunch. With so many different options available on the market today (many of them promising to be at the...  read more

  • tipper trailers

    How to Find the Best Tipper Trailers

    Contractors, construction teams, and other skilled professionals are starting to catch on to one of the most important pieces of equipment that landscapers have been using for years and years to improve their efficiency and effectiveness. The marketplace for tipper trailers has never been as...  read more

  • Trailer for Sale

    How to Find the Best Trailer for Sale

    Searching for the very best trailer for sale is drop dead simple and straightforward - as long as you know what you're looking for. With so many different options (both in the brand-new market as well as they used and secondhand market) things can get a little bit confusing and convoluted,...  read more

  • van trailers

    How to Find the Best Van Trailers

    Easily the most commonly seen (and used) trailers for hauling a large amounts of cargo or heavy payloads, van trailers are not your everyday kind of investment. However, they play a critical role in making sure that we are able to move a tremendous amount of supplies in a short period of time...  read more

  • Camping Trailers

    Find Quality Camping Trailers At Victorian Trailers

    If you are looking for the perfect way to unwind after a busy work week, or if you just need to break free from your concrete world, then you should get back to nature with your very own camping trailer. A camping trailer is a stylish, cozy, and economical way to enjoy a dream vacation...  read more

  • Custom Trailers

    Custom Trailers from Victorian Trailers

    Is your search for "just the right trailer" ending in disappointment? Out-of-the-box trailers just don't fit your needs? With Victorian Trailers, we work with you to create a quality custom trailer that has every feature you want, exactly the way you want it. So stop fooling with ordinary...  read more

  • Off Road Trailers

    The Best Off-Road Trailers In Australia

    Calling all Australian adventurers! If you are heading for a remote camping location, or taking a long-range expedition through rough terrain, then you could greatly benefit from owning your own off-road trailer. Off-road trailers are some of the most durable, and versatile of all trailers....  read more

  • Bike Trailers

    Bike Trailers Options and Features

    Victorian Trailers has been in business for more than 25 years. We firmly believe our success has come from building high quality trailers at reasonable prices for our clients. Our trailers cannot be beat in construction and customization. All of our trailers are built right here, so you...  read more

  • Off Road Trailers

    Explore The Countryside With Off Road Trailers

    Victorian Trailers offers two types of off road trailers. We have a camping trailer and also an ATV trailer. Both are constructed right here and are of the highest quality workmanship. We are sure you will find our prices very reasonable and want you to compare our prices and products with...  read more

  • Stock Trailers

    Stock Trailers From Victorian Trailers

    If you are looking for a new stock trailer, stop by Victorian Trailers and compare our quality and prices to any you have seen. We are sure you will be happily surprised at the excellent workmanship of our trailers. Each trailer is built right here and we offer many options to upgrade our...  read more

  • Box Trailers

    Finding The Best Victorian Box Trailers in Melbourne

    If you are looking for a wide range of box trailers, check out Victorian Trailers. Their selection is large with trailers being built to your specifications. Their box trailers are for medium or heavy loads with a several load weight classifications. When we designed our box trailers, we...  read more

  • Plant Trailers

    What You Need to Know About Quality Plant Trailers

    Victorian Trailers has a wide variety of plant trailers that are built with heavy duty specifications and many load weight classes. We build our plant trailers to be used safely and easily. Because of this, the trailers include brake away systems, winches that are electric or geared, and...  read more

  • Tradesman Trailers

    What to Look For When Shopping For Tradesman Trailers

    A wide selection of tradesman trailers is available from Victorian Trailers. We build our single axle trailers to either a medium or heavy duty specification with a variety of load weight classes and many options to choose from. We build our tradesman trailers with versatility and safety...  read more

  • Tandem Trailers

    The Different Types of Tandem Trailers

    At Victorian Trailers, many of our trailers have tandem axles. This simply means one behind the other or a dual axle trailer. Tandem trailers are preferred for different reasons. Some believe these trailers are easier to back up while others feel they provide a smoother ride for whatever is...  read more

  • Gardening Trailers

    Where to Buy New Gardening Trailers

    When it is time to buy a new gardening trailer, visit Victorian Trailers, first. Their motto is they will not be beaten on quality or value for money! The company was started more than 25 years ago with the idea of building the perfect trailers that anyone can afford. Gardening Trailers...  read more

  • galvanised trailers

    Galvanised Trailers For All Your Hauling Needs

    Victorian Trailers Ltd. offers an outstanding selection of gal vanished trailers. With over 25 years of experience in the business, our team has the know how to match you with the perfect trailer. We stress value (fantastic prices), quality, and safety in the sales of our trailer and trailer...  read more

  • motorbike trailer

    Can a Motorbike Trailer Be Used On a Car?

    It is unsafe to hitch a regular automobile trailer to a motorbike. A motorbike trailer is essential when towing with a motorbike. But what if you already have a motorbike trailer and now need to tow something with your car? Is it safe to reverse things? That all depends on the type of...  read more

  • motorbike trailer

    Does Towing a Trailer Affect My Motorbike’s Handling?

    The simple answer: Yes. But if this is something you want to do, don't fret; it really doesn't affect it terribly. The biggest difference is that you'll need to brake earlier as it will take longer for your motorbike to come to a complete stop, especially when hauling something especially...  read more

  • motorbike trailer

    Top Things to Look Out For Before Buying a Motorbike Trailer

    So you need to do some hauling with your motorbike. Before dishing out your hard-earned cash on this investment, there are several things you should be aware of. One of those things is being sure that the motorbike trailer meets all legal restrictions. Legal Restrictions Your...  read more

  • motorbike trailer

    What Motorbike Equipment is required to Tow a Trailer?

    In order to tow a trailer behind your motorbike you will need to fit your bike with a 50mm tow ball, and you will also need a standard tow bar. Expect to pay about $500 for a hitch, tow ball (extra cost to be custom fitted at your local bike shop), socket, and wiring. Safety Tips The...  read more

  • caged trailers

    A Guide To Choosing Cage Trailers

    Distinguished by their checkered plate sides that act as a fenced perimeter around the trailer bed, caged trailers are versatile vehicles that assure the safe confinement of your travel contents. Depending on the size, which usually ranges from 6 x 4 to 10 x 6, these vehicles can be used...  read more

  • tipping trailers

    Different Types of Trailers for Specific Purposes

    Our lives often revolve around getting from Point A to Point B with all the precious cargo we need. Certain goods require specific carriers, which vary in size, capacity and structure. Does your load require the support of two tires or upwards of eight? Is it necessary for the cargo to be...  read more

  • tandem trailers

    The Many Applications of Tandem Trailers

    While tandem trailers are widespread their exact definition is often shrouded in confusion. Essentially these vehicles are unique for the two axles that support their wheels, providing more stability than their single-shaft counterparts. This reinforced support allows certain trailers to...  read more

  • tipping trailers

    An Innovation In Tipping Trailers Design

    You've seen them countless times throughout your life, perhaps emptying a mulch pile into your driveway or collecting your weekly contribution of trash. Essentially motorised wheelbarrows hauled behind trucks, tipping trailers are central to our society. More than vestibules for controlling...  read more

  • tradesmen trailers

    For Manual Labor, Choose Tradesmen Trailers

    You're a tradesman, relying on both your hands and the tools that serve as an extension of them. Projects often come with new locations, requiring the quick transport of heavy materials and their easy access, which is where the tradesmen trailers comes into play. Often box shaped...  read more

  • Camping Trailers in Melbourne

    Tips for Buying New Camping Trailers in Melbourne

    Australians who want to get better value out of their holidays are going on camping holidays. More people are enjoying holidays traveling around the country than ever before. Discovering the flexibility that traveling by vehicle brings to a trip encourages repeat holidays. Melbourne residents, for...  read more